What is pointing?

Pointing is the mortar around bricks in a wall that holds structure and ensures weatherproofing. Bricks are built to last hundreds of years. The mortar surrounding them, however, is sadly not. This means the ‘pointing’ will need a little TLC from time to time.

Why should I have my walls repointed?

Aside from helping to hold up your house, mortar protects against water ingress and helps prevent heat loss through the walls. After rain, water can freeze in the bricks and surrounding mortar, expanding and causing damage. This freeze-thaw weathering does not look good and ignoring damaged or substandard mortar could lead to a damp and cold house.

How do I know if my walls need repointing?

If you can see gaps in the mortar surrounding bricks, it’s time to think about repointing.

How much does repointing cost?

It should cost between £20-£40 per squared meter, depending on the condition of the brickwork. Scaffolding may add to the price.
It’s well worth spending a bit of money. The pointing should last 50-100 years, so you probably won’t need to do it again in your life time.

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